Our client services personnel have access to real-time account status reports. Comprehensive reporting allows each of our clients to receive current information regarding any debtor file within your respective portfolio. Working closely with our sales team, our client services personnel know what reporting you need and will ensure that you receive it on the date specified.



Litigation in Small Claims and Superior Courts are only initiated when all other opportunities for resolution are exhausted and authorization has been provided. We rely on an automated small claims court mechanism that allows for fast and accurate claim preparation, issuing and personal service.


For Superior Court actions, we have assembled a national network of solicitors specializing in debt collections. We instruct and closely monitor all events in the litigation cycle which allow for accurate and up-to-date account status reporting.





Our custom designed collection programs ensure maximum recovery results. Operations personnel continually reinforce the utilization of tailored work plans. Information gathering from a variety of sources coupled with employment and asset verification activities, allows for the highest recovery in the shortest amount of time. Our work plans incorporate your standards and guidelines to ensure compliance with your corporate image and expectations.




Serving as a cost-effective extension of your inhouse operations, our programs are designed for early delinquency mitigation at minimum cost. Our programs utilize a variety of customized letters and scripted call dialects to serve as friendly reminders to your customer that payment is past due.




We have developed a 'state of the art' database that makes locating skip accounts fast and accurate. Additionally, we provide asset investigations as required or on request. All of our information is verified prior to providing you with any details to ensure accuracy.



We deliver tailor made outsourcing solutions. It enables our clients to focus on and realize a new opportunity or enhance another element of their business without concern about cash flow and receivable management.


We will deliver a customized solution for your business needs. Our senior management, through analysis of your business, will design and implement both a short and long term receivable solution. As your business grows, our ongoing review of your business requirements may present methods of improving performance not previously considered.


Our strategies will assist in controlling costs, reducing the number of days outstanding and decrease bad debt write-off. Enhanced cash flow and improved operating efficiencies will add positively to your profitability.


Our technical and human resources are committed to ensuring that the concept of being an extension of your operation is truly a reality. All tools necessary for exceptional receivable management solution results are available at the Credit Bureau of Canada Collections.


We promise to deliver results that will maximize cash flow and reduce costs.